About Us

M&D Tactical LLC is located in the heart of the Ozarks.  The business began in February 2011 as a result of some hard work obtaining all the appropriate licensing.  It was a time consuming process but a necessary one to have a legitimate firearms business.  We are fully regulated by the ATF and licensed under the State of Missouri for retail sales.  Given the nature of our business, we strive to provide great products and services while maintaining exceptional records to meet our regulatory requirements.


Conception of our Business

M&D Tactical started out with two family member’s brain storming some ideas for a new business.  Those family members (Sean & Tim) both enjoyed shooting and collecting firearms.  The two had very different backgrounds but those two backgrounds combined became a recipe for success.  Tim has a vast knowledge of firearms, ammunition, and accessories while Sean’s knowledge was more the financial and paperwork side of the business.  Despite many people telling Sean and Tim that obtaining an FFL and the corporate and state licensing was too difficult, they did it anyway.  Several months would pass while completing all the necessary paperwork and background checks.  We then had the required licensing to transact business in a legal fashion.

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